While studying abroad at the University of the Art London, my class created a 24-hour event called Channel, consisting solely of content created by the students. I was involved in the branding and responsible for the site design. In addition, each of us joined a team charged with the creation of a piece of content to be broadcasted live from the Sassoon Gallery in Peckham, London.

My initial logo sketch was of a dynamic logo that could change in accordance with the time of day, creating nine logos of one.


This idea was based off of the below sketch by a fellow classmate.

396462_10150556537567686_500432685_9145808_634010553_n (2)

I created an ident to better visualize how the logo could be used on screen. As time passes the logo lands on a new segment of the circular design.

When I brought my ideas to the class, I worked with a fellow classmate, Marios Stamatis, to create the final channel logo, seen below. Click here to check out the channel’s website.


My team’s video submission to the Channel project was a short on the process of Etching, created by Niall Reynolds, Christopher Lacy, Luna Joulia, Frances Ross, Mario Gust, and myself.